jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Final Projects

Wow! You all did it.
Today it is time to celebrate.
You all experienced the excitement of producing a podcast.

Listen to the best podcasts

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009


Today you will get into samll groups of 3 or 4. Share your best episode.
After selecting the best production of each of you.
Edit the files and create a new file introducing a presenter´s voice.
We want to have a program where there is a host and he or she introduces the 3 opinions or reviews from the teachers in his/her group.

You will share this last product with the rest of the group.

A last thought

Enjoy the activity.

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


Activity 1
Podcasts are a great way to improve oral skills.
What kind of recordings can you suggest your students?
Explore the following presentation


We will also listen to some tips by experienced people on speaking.

Tech tip
In the following webpage watch the tutorial for iTunes U (univerisities). It is down the page.

Then get in your iTunes program and make sure you find the section iTunes U.
This maybe something to explore later on and for fun.
But I think it is important for you to know that there are these podcasts available from so many universities and about so many topics.

Activity 3
Now, record your third episode giving your opinion on one of the podcasts you have explored.

We need practice, practice, practice.

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Session 3 Downloading videos

Welcome to the session
Before you continue with your second recording, take a look at the tech notes for today.
You might find them useful.

Tech notes
 Today I want to look at some ways to bring videopodcasts to class.

You need:
A computer
a Projector

If you have this equipment available in class, you can easily share some videoclips from your itunes libray because they are already dowloaded into your computer.
But if the videoclips are from a different you tube , you can download them using 
Copy the url of the you tube video and download it in an pm4 format.
Then upload it to your itunes library.

In case you want to create a videoclip capturing your screen you can try
After you can publish it in you tube. So consider creating a you tube account if you don´t have one yet.

Record your second episode and publish t in Gcast.

Then share your webpage at:

Session2 -creating activities using podcasts

What activities can I create using podcasts?

Activity 1
Listen to these comments at:
Activity 2. Now read some of the activites and lesson plans using podcasts .

  • Activity 3.
  • Small group work. Brainstiorm ideas of activities that students can be asked to do with the information in a podcast.
Activity 4
  • Getting acquainted with Audacity.Use the copy of the tutorial .
  • Also check the 2 video tutorials for audacity in the right column of this blog, under the section called "Resources to learn more"
The purpose of your podcast is to comment and describe one of the podcasts you explored yesterday. Your intended audience are EFL teachers who are interested in using podcasts in class. Your recording may be 2 or 3 minutes long.
Make sure you follow the steps indicated in the booklet:
  • Create a catchy title for you podcast
  • Use the sites suggested in the title to find a slogan for you podcast.
  • Organize your ideas and record your review and comments on one of the podcasts you explored yesterday.
  • Create a picture for your podcast as suggested in the tutorial using Picnik

Activity 5.
  • Publish your recording in Gcast. Create an account an upload your file. If there is time, try some of the music from garage band (link is in the Gcast page)to add a ice touch to your mp3 file.
  • You can also find free music for you podcast at Artist server
  • Check this information about Gcast here
I hope you have enjoyed the activities

lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Session1: A general overview of podcasts

1. What is a podcast? 
To answer this question, explore the following links.

Select :

A. Teacher training videos Itunes and podcasts http://www.harbornecomputers.co.uk/~teachertraining/iTunes/index.html

B. Russell Stannard´s teacher training videos



C. Conference on podcasts bt Tony


2. Discover the variety of podcasts and their formats.

  • Browse and listen to one or 2 episodes from 5 of the following podcasts to identitfy their format. 
  • Check if the episodes have a consistent format (e.g. the presenter introduces himself, says the name of the program,etc.)
  • As you listen or watch them keep in mind the following questions:
  • What format do I like the most? (Monologue, dialogues)
  • Is there any expression or way of introducing the podcast by the host or producer that I feel is something I would like to recreate in my podcast project? (formal, informal language)
  • Is there a script to help the learners?
  • Are there exercises? If so , is there an answer key?

You can check the episodes from  the web page or by subscribing the series to iTunes,
look for the icon that will allow you to subscribe with just a click .
iTunes should open , click on subscribe.
The system will donwload the lastest episode. 

Write your comments on page10 of your booklet.
Suggested EFL podcasts 

When you finish....
Ok. Now is time to work together and share our findings, comments and questions.

For the rest of the session you will have a hands-on practice creating a recording with Audacity.
Watch the tutorials in the "Resources to learn more" section  and read the booklet.
Record a short presentation and follow the instructions on the booklet page1 to page 17.